Choosing The Look Of Your Hair And Makeup For Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Eureka Photography

While your gown can garner plenty of attention, it is one of several components of your entire wedding day look. Many brides will arrange for hair and makeup services for their wedding day, and will often make services available to their bridesmaids as well. Whether you work with a professional or not, you should carve out some time to figure out how you want your hair and makeup styled for your special day. Knowing what you want can help you picture your complete look, and it can make it easier for you to stay on track with preparations before the ceremony. With ample space available to you in a bridal suite provided by Texas Old Town, you can have your stylist or stylists produce your ideal look on site, and feel radiant for your walk down the aisle!

Think About How Your Hair And Makeup Will Look With Your Ideal Gown

The right hair and makeup look should work around the gown you intend to wear on your wedding day. If you wear something elegant and relatively simple, you may want to do something more elaborate with your hair or makeup to complete your look. However, if your dress is more elaborate, you may want to make modest style choices and let it be the star of your appearance.

Make The Most Of Your Hair And Makeup Trials

While you may not know exactly what you want to do for your wedding day look at the time of your hair and makeup trials, you should at least have a few possible ideas. The trial will allow you to see what you will look like on your wedding day, but it also creates an opportunity for stylists to see what it will take to make your look a reality. That practice run can shorten the time needed to ready you for your ceremony on the day itself, making it convenient as well as enlightening!

Working With Your Stylist On Your Wedding Day

As part of our standard amenities package, Texas Old Town provides suites for the bride’s party and groom’s party to prepare for the wedding day, as well as sixteen hours of venue access. What this means is that you can easily make space to have a stylist or stylists on hand to help people prepare on the day itself. While it is not customary for the bride to pay to have bridesmaids styled, this is something you can offer. With that said, some of your bridesmaids may feel more comfortable taking care of their own hair and makeup needs.

You Can Feel And Look Amazing At A Stunning Texas Old Town Wedding!

In addition to feeling beautiful at your wedding, you can be excited to welcome guests for a ceremony surrounded by a gorgeous Texas Hill Country landscape at Texas Old Town! If you would like to learn more about our Kyle, TX venue, please complete our online contact form or call us at 512.396.1800!