Do Your Bridesmaids Really Need To Wear Identical Dresses?

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Bridesmaids have traditionally worn the same dress for a wedding, but couples are now starting to offer more choice to the people in their wedding party. While you want to create a consistent look, you may prefer to let people choose gowns that offer different fits, feature different necklines, or provide other variations that let people feel more comfortable with their appearance. While people can appreciate having more say in the way that they look while standing at the altar, be careful about giving people too much freedom. Better guidelines can make gowns easier to find, and clear up any confusion about whether a gown they like will be “right” for your event.

Finding One Dress That Works For All Of Your Bridesmaids Can Be Tough

Choosing one outfit for several people can be tough. If you have a larger wedding party, the challenge of choosing a suitable gown for your bridesmaids can feel practically impossible. With this in mind, it may be easier for you to back away from the need for a single dress, and start thinking about how you can create a unified look for everyone at the altar with you. By doing so, you can avoid an awkward situation where you try to find a way to make one gown type work for different body types.

Selecting Dresses With Shared Features

While you may not require the same exact dress, you should try to create as much consistency as possible for everyone standing with you. Choosing a color for the dress can help with this. You may want to ask that everyone wear something made from the same fabric, or from the same designer. This can allow you to avoid a situation where your bridesmaids look mismatched. One thing to remember is that the more freedom you give to the people in your wedding, the greater chances they have for selecting gowns depart from your personal vision of what they should have on.

Other Questions You Might Have About The Selection Of The Bridesmaid Dresses

While bridesmaids are typically expected to pay for their gowns themselves, you should put some thought into how you can make purchasing the dress more convenient. Many bridal shops can save the information for your wedding, so bridesmaids can easily pick up what they need. Try to give your bridesmaids plenty of notice about their dress needs, as this gives them time to make a purchase and have alterations done.

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