Month: May 2020

Making Time For All Of Your Planned Reception Events

The typical wedding reception will feature dinner, drinks, dancing, toasts, and more. This is your time to thank everyone for being on hand to celebrate your union with your partner, as well as an opportunity to enjoy your first night together as a married couple. While the evening can be full of fun, you may… Read more »

Tips For Couples Excited To Host A DIY Wedding Celebration

Hosting a DIY wedding can pose some challenges, but it also gives couples the opportunity to make sure that their event is distinct from other celebrations. You can use repurposed and handmade items to create a rustic look, or work in antique and new pieces to have a retro feel for your wedding event. While… Read more »

Tips To Help You In Your Search For Wedding Vendors

You can count on support from friends and family members as you begin planning your wedding, but some tasks will call for some professional help. Even if you want to create a DIY wedding experience, some tasks can be too large for you to take on without some experienced guidance. As you meet with different… Read more »

What To Consider When Creating A Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your engagement period can see you work diligently to make sure that everything is in place when your wedding day arrives. While the right preparations can be valuable, every couple still has to watch out for small and unexpected developments that might derail their evening. Fortunately, you can minimize the impact of minor issues by… Read more »

3 Reasons To Hire A Photographer For Your Wedding

Your friends and family members may capture some great images of your wedding, but if you want to come away with a collection of beautiful photos, you should have a professional photographer on hand. Many couples choose to pay for photography services while also hiring a videographer to record their event. Their services can make… Read more »

Fun Ways To Include Flowers In Your Wedding Decorations

While floral arrangements can be costly, they can be important sources of color and beauty when you decorate your wedding spaces. When they are added to an outdoor ceremony space, flowers can help you establish your style and event theme while complementing your natural surroundings. Arrangements can also help you dress up your reception area… Read more »

Do Your Bridesmaids Really Need To Wear Identical Dresses?

Bridesmaids have traditionally worn the same dress for a wedding, but couples are now starting to offer more choice to the people in their wedding party. While you want to create a consistent look, you may prefer to let people choose gowns that offer different fits, feature different necklines, or provide other variations that let… Read more »

Choosing The Look Of Your Hair And Makeup For Your Wedding

While your gown can garner plenty of attention, it is one of several components of your entire wedding day look. Many brides will arrange for hair and makeup services for their wedding day, and will often make services available to their bridesmaids as well. Whether you work with a professional or not, you should carve… Read more »

3 Potential Sources Of Inspiration For Your Wedding Colors

For many couples, the right wedding colors can be vivid and varied, but others can prefer a more limited and muted palette for their event. By choosing the right colors for your wedding look, you can affect how formal everything feels, make sure certain features stand out, and establish the theme of your evening. So… Read more »

Answers To Common Questions About Save-The-Date Cards

What role do save-the-date cards play in wedding planning? These cards are different from wedding invitations, which officially ask people to let you know if they can attend your event. For some, the save-the-date can feel superfluous, and they may decide to not bother with them at all. However, if you have a longer engagement… Read more »