Things To Consider Before Planning A Larger Wedding Event

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When it comes to weddings, should you keep your guest list short, or should you extend invitations to as many people as you can? Planning a larger wedding can mean taking on more costs, and it can make ample space a priority. With that said, this can help you create a more celebratory mood during the reception, and it can help you avoid awkward questions about who must be left off your invite list. Before making the commitment to host a bigger wedding, make sure you are comfortable with the challenges involved. Texas Old Town can help couples looking for a bigger event, as our different venue spaces include larger settings for people with larger turnouts!

Benefits Of Planning A Larger Wedding

If you and your partner have larger families, it may be necessary to expand your guest list to make space for everyone who should be there. A bigger turnout means you can bring in more people in your life to help you celebrate your union, and it can reduce potential arguments over who will not receive an invitation. If you are someone who loves a big and lively event, another obvious benefit is that you can have an easier time maintaining a festive atmosphere throughout the night.

Be Careful To Avoid These Mistakes While Planning

When you create your guest list, be prepared to host that many people. This may seem like obvious advice, but some couples will make plans while operating on the assumption that a portion of the people they welcome will be unable to make it. You should also be prepared for services from different wedding vendors to cost more. This can be particularly true when it comes to serving dinner and dessert, as there will be more mouths to feed. You should also keep space in mind. Having enough room means more than just having a seat for everyone – guests also need enough space to move freely!

Make Sure People Have Space For Mingling And Dancing!

As you work out the plans for your wedding reception, you may want to make sure you have an ample amount of free space for your guests to gather on the dance floor, and room to travel from one table to another. A cramped space can slow down dinner service, and generally limit how much everyone can interact with each other. While some couples are more excited to share the dance floor than others, you can safely assume that some of the people on your guest list are looking forward to showing off their moves during the evening!

Create A Wonderful Wedding Day Experience At Texas Old Town

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