Tips To Help You Make The Most Of An Outdoor Ceremony

happy couple after saying "I do"

Professional Photo By: Ladybird Studios

By arranging an outdoor wedding ceremony, you can enjoy picturesque natural surroundings when you say “I do” before your friends and family members. In addition to creating a stunning visual experience, an outdoor ceremony can be a great way to set the tone for a rustic wedding, or add a touch of magic to a more formal affair. While these spaces can call for less decorating, you should still be prepared to add a few touches to personalize your surroundings. You should also try to let your guests know to dress appropriately for an event that will partly take place outdoors. Because Texas Old Town offers multiple outdoor venues in addition to accommodating reception spaces, we can help you discover the ideal place to celebrate your union with the person you love!

Take Advantage Of Your Natural Surroundings

With a stunning natural landscape available to you, the task of decorating your ceremony space can be simplified. After all, what would be more effective than nature itself to emphasize the beauty of an outdoor wedding? With that said, a few touches can help you make the space feel more connected to your celebration, and also help you clarify your theme and wedding colors. Adding decorations for your aisles can be beneficial, as can a backdrop behind your altar to help frame yourself and your partner when you exchange vows.

Let People Know The Ceremony Is Taking Place Outside

Even if you plan your wedding at a time when you expect temperate weather, you should try to make people aware that they will be outside for part of your wedding. This can allow them to make comfortable choices for attire. It also informs people that they may want to wear sunscreen to protect themselves, which can make the ceremony easier to enjoy.

Consider Pre-Ceremony Refreshments To Help Everyone Stay Comfortable

Do you really have to save refreshments for the reception? If you have plans to wed during the summer months, or around wintertime, pre-ceremony drinks can be well-received. Water and lemonade can help people stay hydrated and cool if it is warm out. For a winter wedding, consider offering up cocoa or coffee before your event begins.

Enjoy A Terrific Outdoor Wedding Ceremony At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town provides stunning Texas Hill Country landscapes as backdrops for couples interested in a premiere Austin wedding experience! In addition to providing a great setting for an outdoor setting, we can help you celebrate your love by providing accommodating reception spaces, as well as amenities that make planning and celebrating easier. If you would like more information, you can reach our Kyle, TX venue by calling 512.396.1800 or by completing our online contact form.