What Should The Groomsmen Wear At Our Wedding?

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You have your own gown to select, and you need to think about what your bridesmaids should wear before your wedding. Of course, to complete the look and make sure everyone seems in place and stylish at the altar, you also need to think about what the groomsmen should have on at your event. The groomsmen in your wedding party can be styled formally or informally to fit in with the look and tone of your wedding event. No matter how stylish or laid-back you want them to be, you will still have some flexibility in deciding on their attire. One thing that can make choosing their fashion easier is to start with the look you have in mind for the groom, and finding ways to vary the look for the others. 

What Attire Will Look Appropriate On The Guys In Your Wedding Party?

If you have plans for a small, rustic wedding, it may seem strange to bring out groomsmen sporting formal wear. For a more elegant or high-end event, it can be hard to feel comfortable with groomsmen who are not in suits, or tuxedos. If you are trying to decide whether a particular look is right for the theme of your event, imagine someone showing up as a guest wearing the outfit you are considering. If you think the look fits in that context, or if it feels slightly nicer than what you would expect in that circumstance, it can fit the groomsmen well.

Distinguishing The Groom From The Groomsmen

The groom and groomsmen can wear largely similar attire. While bridesmaid dresses can be easily distinguished from the bridal gown, you can do something subtler to make you partner stand apart from the other guys. If everyone is wearing the same color suit, the groom can stand out by wearing a different color tie, or a different vest. You can also have everyone wear the same style of tuxedo, but give your partner a different jacket to make the difference more clear. Even if the guys wear more casual attire, you can use his boutonniere to set him apart from others.

Think About The Weather You Expect At Your Wedding

When you plan an outdoor wedding event, it is fair to think about how the weather might affect the “right” attire. Because formal menswear can feature heavier items like jackets and vests, you may worry that the guys will sweat outside at a spring or summer wedding. Decorations that manage to add shade to the altar can help keep the space cooler. One thing to remember is that warmer and more formal attire can wind up feeling more comfortable if you plan a fall or winter wedding.

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