What To Consider As You Search For A Wedding Officiant

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While you should take care to make sure that every person who serves a role in your wedding is right for their task, it is difficult to overstate the importance of having the right officiant. This person will have the opportunity to speak to what makes your relationship special, and they will help set the tone of your entire evening. It is up to you to choose if you want to ask someone you know to officiate, or if you prefer to stick with a professional. In the past, this role was typically filled by a professional, but many modern couples see the role as a position of honor for a close shared friend. Having someone who knows you personally can be beneficial, as they may have an easier time conveying why you and your partner are so right for each other. With that said, people with experience in this role can help make sure your wedding ceremony goes smoothly.

Should We Choose A Professional, Or Someone We Know?

Ultimately, the choice between a professional and someone you are personally connected with is one you are free to make. With that said, the decision you land on can communicate certain ideas about what your guests should expect from your celebration. Someone with a personal connection can make the event feel less traditional, even if you are trying to maintain a formal atmosphere. A professional may make the ceremony feel more conventional, though it may feel less special to have someone who is not connected to you speak about your love and history with your partner.

Finding Someone Who Is Comfortable With Your Ideal Wedding

It should be clear to your officiant what kind of wedding event you are hosting, and what kind of tone they should set. Someone who is inclined to be laid-back and make jokes may have a difficult time working in a more formal setting. If you are set on someone who might seem like an awkward fit, take time to speak with them and make sure they understand that what is important is helping you celebrate your special day in the way you have chosen.

Should We Make Statements During The Ceremony, Too?

While the officiant can do most of the talking, you and your partner may want to share your vows on your own. Reciting personal vows lets you tell your partner why you are so excited to spend your life with them, and let your guests know what you see in each other. If you want to share your story but feel uncomfortable with public speaking, you can write something that you ask your officiant to recite.

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