3 Benefits To Planning An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

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Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

The right wedding space can help you realize your vision for the celebration of your dreams. As you explore your options, you can find that an outdoor setting for your wedding ceremony offers certain advantages that can be hard to pass up. These spaces can be versatile enough to host a variety of different themes, and they offer a sense of openness that is difficult to contain in an indoor setting. Texas Old Town offers multiple outdoor venue options to couples hoping to say “I do” while surrounded by the splendor of nature. We also offer amenities that can make your efforts to plan and prepare for the event easier!

1. The Landscape Can Do Most Of Your Decorating For You

While some selectively placed decorations can help dress up your ceremony space, you can find it hard to top the lovely surroundings of your outdoor setting. In addition to offering a stunning vision, this reliance on natural scenery also helps to cut your decorating costs! Guests can admire the view all around them as they settle in for their celebration, then turn their eyes to you and your partner as you prepare to exchange your vows.

2. You Can Enjoy An Ideal Setting For A Relaxed Or Rustic Celebration

Different couples have a host of exciting ideas regarding wedding themes. While more formal wedding themes can be successful in an outdoor environment, the natural landscape can be particularly appealing to those who want to host a rustic event. After all, what is better than nature itself at exhibiting natural charm? If you are someone who wants to use DIY and repurposed decorations for your space, you can find that they look great when backed by a Texas Hill Country landscape.

3. You Can Offer Plenty Of Space To Your Guests

With an outdoor setting for your celebration, you will not have to worry about guests feeling cramped as they watch you walk down the aisle! You can find it hard to resist the breathtaking expanse of nature around you, and you can appreciate the comfort of having so much room for everyone in attendance. This can be particularly useful if you have a larger guest list, as you can accommodate plenty of people without worrying that they will feel pinned in by their surroundings.

Host A Wonderful Outdoor Wedding Ceremony At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town provides couples with access to beautiful Texas Hill Country landscapes, which can serve as perfect backdrops for you as you celebrate your love. Our premiere Austin wedding venue boasts a convenient location near San Antonio and San Marcos, and we can serve as an ideal spot for corporate and other special events! To learn more about our Kyle, TX venue, please call us at 512.396.1800, or fill out our online contact form.