3 Questions To Consider As You Create Your Seating Chart

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Creating the seating chart for your wedding reception can be time-consuming, but it can be an important step to make sure your evening runs smoothly. While it may not be your favorite task, it is one that deserves real time and attention. Because Texas Old Town provides different venue sizes in order to provide couples the right space and size to hold everyone on hand for their special day. Having ample space for everyone can make your seating arrangements easier to manage, and also give you room for your dance floor. Is it always necessary to create a seating chart? For some weddings, it may be easier to let guests sit wherever they like, but for many events a chart can have benefits that are difficult to disregard.

1. Should You Skip The Seating Chart?

The fastest way to take care of your seating chart may be to decide it is unnecessary, but this decision can lead to unintended consequences. While a small wedding can do without a chart, asking a larger number of guests to select their own seats can lead to delays. If you serve plated meals, a seating chart can be important for making sure everyone receives their requested meal. As tempting as it might be to free yourself of the responsibility of making the chart, keep in mind that doing so can lead to more frustration on the day itself.

2. How Should You Place Guests Who Do Not Bring Dates?

Placing guests who have dates can be less stressful – after all, they will have each other for company if they are not familiar with their other seat mates. Placing guests who do not have dates can be trickier. You should avoid leaving empty seats at tables unless absolutely necessary, so putting a single person with a table full of couples can be a mistake. Placing people who arrive alone with others they already know can ensure they have people to interact with – while it may be fun to play matchmaker with your chart, it can be easier to let people find each other without your nudging.

3. Where Will You And Your Partner Sit?

As you think about all of your other guests, and where they belong, remember that you also need to account for you and your partner as you work out seating plans! If you prefer to have a private space, you can plan to enjoy a sweetheart table. If you want to be among the people at your reception, couples often sit with their parents, or with the best man and maid/matron of honor and their dates.

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