Are You Stuck On What To Offer For Your Wedding Favors?

example of wedding favors

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Your wedding favors may feel like a small gesture, but it gives you a way to show your guests that their attendance means something to you. It also gives you the chance to create something that lets people hold onto their memory of being there for your special day. Couples sometimes feel stuck on what they should offer their guests. You may worry that some gifts are too predictable, but also fear that nicer items will bloat your budget. This can be a difficult choice to navigate, particularly if you plan on hosting a larger wedding event. One thing you can do is hold up a proposed gift against your wedding theme. Does it feel out of place? If so, it may not be right for your event. If it suits the evening, it can be a great token of your appreciation!

Wedding Favors Let Your Guests Know You Appreciate Their Attendance

Your wedding gifts do not need to be elaborate or expensive. The gift is a simple but concrete way to let everyone who turned out know just how much it means to you that they were on hand to hear you and your partner say “I do.” With that said, you should put thought into your offerings. If nothing else, the care you put into your wedding favors helps make your appreciation and fondness for the people in your life clear.

Choose Favors That Fit With The Theme Of Your Event

The type of event you host can inform your choice of wedding favor. If your plan is to host a less formal event, you can lean towards items that feel “fun” or casual. For a more formal gathering, a lovingly packaged treat or item that showcases your wedding colors can feel more appropriate. Remember that your decorations are not the only thing that inform the experience people have at your wedding. For a summer wedding, paper fans can be a welcome gift item at the start of your day, as it gives people a way to keep cool during your ceremony!

Should You Provide Personalized Wedding Favors?

Personalized wedding favors help people remember your event, and they can show a degree of thoughtfulness and planning in your gift purchase. While it is not necessary to commemorate the evening with a personalized gift, it can help your favors stand apart from any similar items people have received.

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