Arranging And Decorating Your Wedding Reception Tables

Professional Photo By: Angela King Photography

After a beautiful wedding ceremony in the splendor of Texas Hill Country, your guests can join you and your partner to further celebrate your special day at your reception. The reception, while more relaxed than the ceremony, still calls for considerable planning, as well as smart decorating touches. One thing to focus on is how your tables are arranged and decorated. The right decorations help you sustain your wedding theme, and create a festive mood. The layout of your space can facilitate movement so people can mingle, or make their moves to the bar area or dance floor. Of course, after you have your layout, you will have one other challenge when it comes to seating – deciding where all of your guests should be placed!

Creating The Right Look For Your Wedding Reception

The right settings for your tables can help you maintain the look of an elegant event, or it can encourage your guests to relax and enjoy a laid-back celebration. The choices you make regarding table coverings, centerpieces, and other items should feel like a continuation of the style you expressed through your ceremony decorations. They should also stick to the wedding colors you choose for your event.

Deciding On Centerpieces And Other Decorative Items

The formality of your event can be influenced by small touches, like the use and style of chargers, and the silverware used, as well as by more obvious matters like the food you serve. Few items can capture the attention of your guests, and tie your look together, like your centerpieces. These items, repeated at every table, can be elaborate and ornate, or relatively subdued. If you intend to host a DIY wedding event, they can even feature repurposed items to establish a rustic theme. You should make sure to limit the size of your centerpieces, as they can inhibit conversation at tables if they are too large.

Making A Seating Chart For Your Wedding

Seating charts for a wedding can shorten the time it takes you to start your night, and it can help with food service if you give people choices with their meals. When you set out to make your chart, start with some of the obvious choices – for instance, the seating of close family members. Removing the easy-to-place names can make it easier to see what your options are with other guests, whose places can feel less obvious.

Texas Old Town Can Give You Space To Enjoy A Wonderful Wedding Event!

Texas Old Town offers couples great spaces to enjoy for both wedding ceremonies and receptions! Our premiere Austin wedding venue also provides you with attractive and inviting spaces for your celebration as well as generous amenities to make your day easier to enjoy. To find out more about our Kyle, TX venue, we can be reached at 512.396.1800 or through our online contact form.