Encouraging Guests To Make The Most Of Your Dance Floor

wedding reception dancing

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

When couples begin to plan the layout of their wedding reception area, they often set aside a portion of open space for dancing. While not every wedding includes dancing, it is a popular feature at weddings. When the dance floor is especially lively, it can sustain a festive mood throughout the remainder of your night, which can be of value even to those who choose not to show off their dance moves. Setting aside ample room for dancing is just one matter to address if you want your night to feel festive. You should also think about what music you want playing during your reception, and who should provide it. You also want to think about how you can entertain those guests who resist the call of  even the most enticing dance floor.

Make Sure You Have Ample Space For Dancing

As you search for the right venue space, make sure you account for the room you will need for dancing. While the floor should not be expected to hold everyone at once, those who do dance will need room to move, as well as room to enter and exit the space freely. Because our different venue options include larger spaces for longer guest lists, you can find a space that offers more than enough dance floor for you and your guests!

Choosing The Music For Your Event

Because streaming sites and smartphones have given almost everyone easy access to tremendous music libraries, couples sometimes see the costs of a wedding DJ or live band as not worth paying. This can become a problem for your celebration for several reasons. Leaving someone’s phone to shuffle through hits can create a less festive atmosphere, and there is a risk that a risque song might play at your all-ages wedding celebration. A DJ or live band can read your room and shuffle their playlists in order to sustain the energy of the evening. They can also serve as makeshift emcees when you need someone to make announcements.

Entertaining Guests Who Prefer To Avoid The Dance Floor

No matter how appealing a dance floor is, it is likely that more than a few of your guests will mostly avoid it. How can you make sure they still have fun during your reception? The bar service and foods offered up can keep people happy, and many guests will happily stay to enjoy the different traditions associated with wedding receptions. Considering offering a dessert table with different treats to keep people full, and to keep them on hand, later into the evening.

Enjoy A Beautiful, Fun-Filled Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town

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