Fitting The Cake Cutting Into Your Reception Plans

cake cutting wedding

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

Your cake cutting can be a fun, photo-worthy moment at your wedding reception, one with more importance than you might realize. While serving dessert is not necessarily the last thing you will do during your reception, this moment is often used as the final “formal” moment of the evening, and a time when some guests will take their leave. It also serves the practical purpose of announcing that your dessert table is officially open and that slices are ready for your guests. Whether you plan to have a small and informal gathering, or wish to do something elaborate with a higher guest count, you should give the cake cutting – and its placement in your planned events – serious thought.

The Cake Cutting Is Often The Last “Official” Reception Event

Dessert often signals to people that their evening is coming to a close. With that said, many couples are moving their cake cutting up in the evening so that people are not forced to return from the dance floor after so much time spent enjoying themselves. Even if you want to have desserts out before the dancing really takes off, you may want to stick with the cake cutting at the end of other traditions like the bouquet toss. This way, you can discreetly inform older guests, and those who do not enjoy dancing, that the formal portion of the night is winding down.

Make The Most Of The Moment You Cut Your Cake

You will want all eyes on you and your partner when you cut your cake, and you will definitely want your wedding photographer on hand to capture this moment. While it may seem awkward to figure out how you should cut into a tiered cake, a “successful” cutting is simply one that creates a fun opportunity for pictures and lets your guests know that cake is coming soon. In other words, one way to make the most of this moment is to let your guard down and have fun!

Create A Memorable Dessert Experience For Your Guests

You can make a few additions to your dessert options to surprise and satisfy guests. Many couples now include a groom’s cake, which provides a different flavor option for people to enjoy. You may also want to stock a dessert table with different pastries and treats in order to add variety. Since this is taking place at the end of a long night, you may want to include coffee with dessert as well.

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