How Much Time Should You Spend Practicing Your First Dance?

couple's first dance

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You and your partner will be the center of attention throughout your wedding ceremony, and you can also have eyes on you for many parts of your reception. Different couples can be more or less prepared for this attention, though even couples who have no problem with the spotlight may feel a little self-conscious during the first dance. Whether you feel nervous about your first dance or not, you should set aside time to practice in order to make the experience more comfortable for you. Even if you do not have anything elaborate planned, more familiarity can make you comfortable, and help you make the most of this moment. If you want to try something ambitious, give yourself enough time to memorize your steps and grow familiar with the different movements you expect to show off.

Your First Dance Can Set The Tone For Your Reception

The first dance typically occurs near or at the start of the wedding event, and certainly before the dance floor is opened up to the rest of your guests. Because this moment happens at the beginning of the evening, it can help you set the tone for the rest of your reception. You can use this as an opportunity to confirm what kind of event you want this to be through your choice of song, and through your planned dance. Something fun and less structured can be a great way to kick off an informal reception, while something more elegant or elaborate can help you begin a more formal evening.

Should You Try Something Ambitious, Or Keep Things Simple?

Before you commit to anything ambitious, remember that you and your partner will likely to be limited in what you can do physically by your wedding attire. The perfect bridal gown for the ceremony may be less than ideal for dancing! If you want to do something on the challenging side, spend at least a few practice sessions wearing clothes that are similar in style and fit to your wedding outfits to adjust to the experience.

Opening The Dance Floor To Your Guests

The couple’s first dance is typically not the only one that occurs before your dance floor opens up – you can each dance with a parent before this occurs. A simple announcement can effectively let everyone know that the floor is open. If you want to make a seamless transition into bringing all of your guests out on the floor, consider making that shift while the dance with a parent is still wrapping up, and then sticking around to have fun with everyone.

Enjoy A Wonderful First Dance At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

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