Planning A Stylish Exit For Your Wedding Event

example of happy couple leaving their wedding

Professional Photo By: Ashley Peterson Photography

No matter how wonderful your wedding is, it has to end eventually. Fortunately, a little planning can help you ensure that your evening wraps up in style! The wedding exit for the bride and groom typically sees guests line up at either side of the happy couple to wish them well. In addition to giving you one more chance to thank everyone for their attendance and support, this can create a memorable image for your wedding photographer to capture. Of course, this is just one aspect of your night’s end to consider. You also need to think about your transportation arrangements, as well as who will take care of collecting gifts, decorations, and other items that belong to you.

Walk Out Of Your Reception In Style

A stylish wedding exit can be memorable, visually stunning, and easy to clean up when you make the right preparations. Instead of throwing items to the ground that must then be collected, you can have people blow bubbles, wave glow sticks, or take on some other practice that adds to the image of your exit. Your event coordinator can help make sure everyone is ready when you depart, and they can also make sure that your photographer is in place to capture your fond farewell to your event and guests.

Hiring A Driver To Take You And Your Partner Away

Leaving your wedding in style can be a great way to carry the magic of your wedding with you after you leave your venue. Hiring a chauffeur to collect you in a limousine or luxury car can be a nice way to cap your night, and also a way to ensure you do not have to drive yourselves after your wedding. If you are concerned about leaving your vehicle or vehicles behind, ask someone in your wedding party to give you a ride to the venue!

Who Will Take Care Of Your Gifts And Decorations After You Depart?

Even if they are not in charge of this responsibility, it can be smart to let the best man and maid or matron of honor know who will be taking home gifts, decorations, and any other items that you need to remove from the venue at the end of your night. If you are leaving for your honeymoon the next day, make sure that people holding these items are aware of this, and know that they will need to hold onto them until your return.

You Can Create A Wedding Event You Never Want To Leave At Texas Old Town!

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