Planning Your Arrival To The Wedding Reception

couple arrives at wedding reception

Professional Photo By: Urban Grey Photography

While the wedding procession will keep you and your partner (briefly) apart when your ceremony begins, you are able to arrive as a duo when enter your wedding reception. While some couples make more of this moment than others, your arrival at the reception effectively starts your event. Whether you choose to do something simple or elaborate, this can be a joyful moment. In addition to starting the second half of your event, this moment is typically accompanied by a formal announcement introducing everyone to the now-married couple. While it can be exciting to make your debut, your guests can be antsy if there is a long gap between the ceremony and this moment. When you think about the transition between events, consider ways to shorten it in addition to ways to make the most of your big arrival.

The Arrival Of The Happy Couple Marks The Official Start Of The Reception

Guests will likely already be in their seats before you arrive, so they will be ready and waiting for your debut. While they are already in place for the reception, the event has not truly begun until the guests of honor are in the building. This moment can effectively set the tone for the rest of the evening – you can decide how much showmanship it should involve. If you are eager to start the evening, you can plan to go from your arrival straight to the dance floor for your first dance!

Should We Make The Arrival Fun Or Formal?

The arrival is a great moment for your wedding photographer to capture, and a chance for everyone to cheer on the happy new couple. If your event is generally on the formal side, you may feel that you need to stick to an arrival on the restrained side. Even if the event is intended to be a more formal and elegant affair, guests should not begrudge you if you seem to have fun with your debut as a married couple. After all, you are celebrating your love and the start of your shared life, so people should expect you to be a little giddy in the moment!

Reducing The Time It Takes To Start Your Reception

Even if you plan an unofficial cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception to tide people over, it can be difficult for guests to wait through a long downtime before your reception begins. You may want to quickly identify where your wedding party will line up, and what your entrance cues will be, when you are rehearsing for the ceremony. You can also shorten the time between your ceremony and reception by taking first look photos before the ceremony begins.

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