Preparing Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl For The Ceremony

flower girl at wedding

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

It is normal for people in the wedding party – the happy couple included – to feel some nerves when walking down the aisle. Many people have little to no experience engaging in rituals like a wedding, particularly when there are so many people present to watch. While you and your partner may have a few butterflies, the idea of taking part in the ceremony can be more daunting, and confusing, for the ring bearer and flower girl. Kids can require more instruction, and they may have more nerves to calm to place them in your wedding ceremony. With that said, they can also be an adorable and welcome part of anyone’s event, even if they do require a little more coaching than the others in your party.

What To Expect When You Include A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl In Your Procession

The ring bearer and flower girl positions provide a cute and fun moment for people to enjoy during your wedding ceremony. While they create a memorable moment, and an opportunity for lovely pictures, you should be prepared to give them a little extra support to help them perform their roles. One thing to make sure of is that the kids you select are old enough to follow instructions. Another thing to consider is that your ring bearer might not grasp the responsibility that comes with carrying the wedding bands. Swapping in stand-in bands, and giving the real ones to the best man, is definitely something to consider.

Take Advantage Of Your Rehearsal Time

Everyone in your wedding party should be at your wedding rehearsal. While the procession itself is simple, it can take a few practice runs to make people comfortable with their roles. Children in your procession can require more rehearsal time, and more guidance, to make them feel at ease with their roles. When you make time for your rehearsal, plan to give them a few extra turns to make sure they have a sense of what they are doing. Because Texas Old Town offers couples the chance to host their rehearsal dinner at our location, you can sneak in a little extra time to rehearse with everyone because you will not have to travel from one location to another.

You Are Free To Make Less Traditional Choices With The Ringer Bearer And Flower Girl Positions

Are you hoping to choose more than one ring bearer or flower girl? This is certainly allowed. If you have multiple nieces or nephews near the same age and do not want to play favorites, you can sound out a small group in either role. For couples who plan to have child-free wedding events, you can have fun with the roles and ask adults to serve in the ceremony under these roles. This is a chance to include more people in your wedding party who are not counted among the bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Host A Magical Wedding Ceremony At Texas Old Town!

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