Reasons To Consider A Wedding During The Fall Or Winter

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While some couples choose a wedding date that has personal significance, many look for something that falls into a traditional “wedding season.” For outdoor weddings in particular, it can be exciting to have a date at a time when everything is in bloom, but you may find that a fall or winter celebration has advantages worth considering. Less conventional dates can inspire different looks for your venue, and open you up to different food and drink offerings. On a practical level, choosing an uncommon wedding date may make it easier for you to find wedding vendors who tend to be in demand. While your wedding can feel magical at any time of year, choosing a date that best fits your image for the ideal celebration can offer truly attractive advantages.

Should You Look Outside The Traditional “Wedding Season” To Find A Date?

While people often prefer wedding dates in the summer, or at the beginning of fall, others try to avoid what is considered the typical “wedding season.” Avoiding this period has different benefits. One reason to look outside it is that there will be less competition for wedding vendors and venues. You may also find that costs are reduced at times when people have fewer opportunities to find work. That being said, there are other reasons to look beyond convention. You can find flowers that are not in bloom at typical times, or discover that certain wedding colors fit better against a late fall or winter backdrop, and this can give you a look to your event that stands out to guests.

How The Season Affects Your Choice Of Wedding Colors

While summer weddings tend to showcase bright, summery colors, a winter wedding can make use of muted hues. As a result, you can create a more elegant space, and craft a more elegant affair. Does this mean that you must choose frosty, cool colors for your wedding? Some couples can opt for contrast, and create a more vivid space that feels like an escape from the cold!

Let The Weather Influence Your Food And Refreshment Choices

While guests at a summer wedding can excitedly reach for a complimentary cup of lemonade or fruit-infused water, guests at a winter wedding can prefer something to chase the chill away. Offering up coffee and cocoa to arriving guests can be appreciated, and it can make your celebration feel unique. You can also let the colder weather inspire your menu choices for your reception dinner. Heartier, warmer dishes can be a welcome surprise, and a nice way to start the second half of your wedding event.

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