Securing The Right Assistance When Planning Your Wedding

wedding reception setup

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

You know you are ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner, and you are looking forward to declaring this in front of friends and family members at your wedding ceremony. One thing you may feel less ready to take on is the actual planning of your event! You should not feel guilty or self-conscious about having some anxieties over wedding planning. After all, few people have direct experience with planning or coordinating an event of this size, even if your event will be relatively modest in scale. Texas Old Town can make the planning process easier by providing a list of vendors who can make your event happen. For those hoping for more assistance, we can provide ongoing help through our All-Inclusive Wedding Package!

Start Your Search Early If You Want To Find The Right Vendors

The first thing you should realize when searching for vendors is that if someone is popular and well-regarded for their work, they will have more demands for their services. You should give yourself little time to spare when you start looking for the right vendors, especially if you have a shorter engagement period.

Hiring An Event Planner And/Or Coordinator

You can hire someone to help plan your wedding, help keep the event on track during the special day, or even find someone prepared to fill both roles. If you have less experience with planning, or if you are trying to add wedding matters to an already busy schedule, a person to help with planning can provide vital assistance. Having someone who can be there for actual wedding can be helpful if you have a larger event planned, or if you want to make sure everything goes smoothly (without having to get involved to make things happen).

Enjoy More Support With Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package!

Are you looking for a way to cut back on the stress and responsibilities of wedding planning? With our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, you can dictate what you want for your event to us, and we can put the work into making it happen! This way, you can show up to your event with everything in place, and looking the way you want. We even include help with both the setup and tear down of the event, so you can focus on dressing and enjoying yourself!

Count On Support And A Beautiful Venue Space When Texas Old Town Hosts Your Wedding!

Texas Old Town provides more than just access to a beautiful Texas Hill Country landscape. We offer generous amenities to all of our guests, and we even provide the option of purchasing our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! To find out more about our Kyle, TX venue, please call us at 512.396.1800, or complete our online contact form.