Things To Consider As You Plan Your Walk Down The Aisle

bride walks down the aisle

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

The bride’s walk down the aisle is among the most memorable moments of a wedding ceremony. While the procession can appear to be a straightforward moment, you should put some thought into yours as you work out the details of your special day. You have some flexibility when it comes to choosing who walks with you, and what music accompanies your arrival. You also have the option of saving the reveal of you in your wedding dress to your partner, or letting them see you before the ceremony begins by taking first look photos. One thing to remember is that the walk down the aisle is one of the most photogenic moments of your event, which is one reason you should have a professional photographer you trust on hand to capture it.

Make Sure You Have Your Arrival Captured On Film

Few moments capture everyone’s attention like the bride’s walk down the aisle, but at least one person on hand should maintain a level head when you arrive. Your wedding photographer (or photographer and videographer) should be prepared to preserve this moment on film, as it is one that you will want to cherish. It can be a stunning image worth framing and using to decorate your home. It is also a moment you can find yourself eager to revisit over the years.

Who Will Walk With You Down The Aisle?

While the father of the bride traditionally joins the bride on the walk down the aisle, this is not a moment that you have to stick to if you want to try something different. You may choose another person to walk in their stead. You can also decide to add to your procession and ask both parents to join you. Some brides have chosen to make the walk on their own.

Choosing Music To Accompany You When You Walk Down The Aisle

As stunning as the image of a bride walking down the aisle can be, you need to think about more than just the visual of the moment. Typically, the walk is accompanied by music. If you want to put a modern spin on your event, there are many classic and contemporary songs that can suit you and this moment. Having a small group of musicians on hand for your walk can add to the pageantry of the moment, and they can add a degree of elegance to a less conventional song choice.

Walk Down The Aisle At A Stunning Texas Old Town Wedding!

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