Tips For Effectively Communicating With Wedding Guests

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While your wedding guest list will consist of friends and family members, many of whom you have known for a significant period of time, it can be difficult to stay in regular contact with everyone. Even with social media as a means of communication, it can be hard to make sure that everyone has all of the information they might need for your wedding. While your invitations can give people the basic details, yours may need to leave out information on your registry, or your preferred dress code. Having a plan in place to share relevant information with everyone can help you to not leave people in the dark, and it can cut down on time you spend fielding the same question from different people as you are preparing for your special day.

You May Have More To Say Than You Can Fit In Your Invitation

There are some pieces of information that absolutely must be included in your wedding invitations. You should share the date, time, and exact location of the event itself. You can also include a line indicating how formally or informally dressed people should plan to be. However, there are other details that people may want to discuss with you. It is also possible people will want clarification on a matter you feel is already covered. Because it is important to keep your invites uncluttered with additional details about the event, you should be prepared to hear some follow-up questions and concerns after they are sent out.

Sharing Relevant Information With Guests Before Your Wedding

Your immediate family members can provide assistance when it comes to sharing information with extended family. Relatives often know to reach out to these individuals rather than the couple, as they are understandably kept busy by planning. A wedding website can help you address common questions about your registry, event parking, and accommodations for guests traveling from out of town. Remember that some of these questions, while seemingly obvious to you, may be asked by more than one person before the big day.

Tips For Communicating On The Day Itself

Communicating with guests on your wedding day will be difficult, as you and your partner can expect to stay occupied throughout your ceremony and reception! An event coordinator can provide much-appreciated assistance in this matter, as they can be a liaison between you and your wedding vendors, and they can make announcements when you need guests’ attention. If you do not have a coordinator, consider asking a friend or family member not in the wedding party to step in and field questions for you while you ready yourself for the walk down the aisle.

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