Tips For Sticking To Your Wedding Day Schedule

at the wedding altar

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You can expect to enjoy plenty of wonderful moments throughout your wedding, but will you have time to enjoy everything you have planned for your event? Setting a schedule can give you a clear picture of what your day will be like, and how much time you will have for different events . Having an outline of events can be particularly helpful during the reception, which will see you enjoy a mix of formal moments and more casual celebrations. Once you know what you want to do with the time available to you, the challenge will be keeping your evening on track. While some couples choose to manage things themselves, you may want to consider using an event coordinator to keep the evening consistent with your plans.

Bring Your Wedding Party Together To Dress For The Ceremony

Because our standard amenities include sixteen hours of venue access and the use of dressing suites for both wedding party groups, you can plan to dress on site! This gives you ample time to prepare yourselves for the ceremony, but it is also helpful because you can make sure preparations are going smoothly. Being able to start on time can be an important first step if you want to make the most of your entire night!

Consider Hiring An Event Coordinator

As you consider what wedding vendors to use for your celebration, consider hiring an event coordinator. With a coordinator on site, you can enjoy a central point of contact for everyone helping make your wedding a success. You can also have someone in place to make announcements and keep you on track with your schedule.

Should You Cut Certain Traditions From Your Planned Schedule?

For many couples, even those who want a classical wedding experience, some traditions have more appeal than others. If an activity does not appeal to you, should you simply strike it from the evening and make more time for activities you will enjoy more? While you ultimately have the final say in what happens during your wedding, be careful about cutting moments that affect others, like dances with your parents, and the wedding toasts. If necessary, you can make plans to shorten portions of the reception in order to save time.

Celebrate The Wedding You Want At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town provides couples with ample space for a celebration, and we also offer generous amenities to make it easier for you to create your dream event! Our premiere Austin wedding venue is conveniently located near San Marcos and San Antonio, and it can welcome those looking to plan corporate events or other special gatherings. If you would like to learn more, please call our Kyle, TX venue at 512.396.1800 or fill out our online contact form.