When Should We Start Planning Our Rehearsal Dinner?

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The wedding rehearsal, along with the rehearsal dinner, will be the final event you take part in before your special day, and it tends to be the last time the happy couple will see each other until the ceremony. While it is more relaxed than the actual wedding, it can still be a meaningful part of your celebration, and a great way to thank your family and wedding party members for their support. You should put plans in place for your celebration around three to six months in advance of the day in question. Before you do this, you should have a clear idea of what you want to do during the event, and who should join you. Texas Old Town can actually make your rehearsal dinner experience easier by allowing you to host it on site! That allows you to bring everyone together in one spot, and it can give you more time for rehearsing.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Begin Arranging Your Rehearsal Dinner

Typically, the rehearsal dinner is a relatively relaxed affair even if the wedding itself is going to be formal. You can plan for casual dress and a meal that, while nice, is not as formal as what you serve at your reception. While these questions tend to need little discussion, there are a few questions you want to ask yourself before you make plans. Will you limit your guest list for the rehearsal to family and wedding party members, or will you extend invitations to traveling guests? Will the rehearsal dinner be a kid-friendly experience? What kind of food should you serve at your event? The more details you are sure of, the easier it will be to jump into the work of planning.

Who Should Be Present At The Rehearsal Dinner?

Your wedding party members will join you after the rehearsal for your dinner, and your family members will meet you after the rehearsal for your meal. While you can send out extra invitations, this tends to be the extent of the group invited for this small gathering. The rehearsal is understood to be limited in the invitations extended, and has a smaller turnout than an event like your bridal shower. With that said, you are welcome to selectively extend more invitations to people if you want them to be there.

Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Time For The Ceremony Rehearsal!

One thing to remember is that your rehearsal is your one chance to run through your ceremony and let everyone grow comfortable with their roles. You can give yourself more time by planning your rehearsal dinner at your venue, as this means no one will have to lose time traveling from one space to the other. Make sure your wedding party members understand that they need to be as prompt as possible when arriving to practice for the ceremony, as this gives you more time to make sure everyone is ready on the day itself.

Texas Old Town Offers Guests Venue Access For Their Rehearsal Dinner!

Texas Old Town can provide a great space for your wedding rehearsal dinner, just as we can offer a beautiful setting for the day itself. To learn more about our Kyle, TX venue, fill out our online form or call us at 512.396.1800!