3 Reasons To Consider Crafting Your Own Vows

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While traditional vows recited by couples over time are still popular, many people have chosen to write something personal to share during their wedding ceremony. Sometimes, this is part of a larger effort to make a celebration feel distinct from other gatherings, but it also serves as a way to share what makes your partner so special to you on your terms. Even if you want to stay traditional in much of your event, you can find that departing and expressing personal vows lets you express yourself while keeping the occasion formal. You can write the vows down on notes so that you can reference them during the event, but make sure you rehearse what you plan to say several times.

1. You Can Share What Makes Your Partner Special To You

When you decide to speak from the heart, you have a chance to let everyone in attendance know why you are so eager to spend the rest of your life with the person across from you at the altar. Your personal vows let you share details about your relationship, describe what made you fall for them, and express your happiness at the thought of a shared future. While traditional vows have a rich history, they lack the personal touch you can bring when declaring your feelings for your partner.

2. Your Own Words Make The Event Feel More Personal

If your wish is to host a more formal or traditional wedding event, you may feel that you have to stick with classic vows. While tradition can guide you in many choices, you should know that you can give your event a personal touch by writing and reciting your own vows. To make them still feel appropriate to the occasion, you can take care to write something more formal.

3. You Can Choose Vows That Fit The Tone Of Your Ceremony

If you want people to see your event as fun and laid-back, you can work some humor into your vows and make your statements less formal. If you want to emphasize the value you place on romance, you can craft words that are more tender. Ultimately, the tone of your wedding is something that can fit you, your partner, and the life you hope to share. When you craft your own vows, you can see to it that your event feels like a true reflection of the two of you!

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