3 Things To Think About When Selecting Bouquets

bride and bridesmaids with bouquets

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In addition to selecting floral arrangements to decorate your wedding, couples will typically have bouquets for both the bridal party and the bride to carry. The bouquets add a splash of color to the (typically) white gown worn by the bride, and they also carry symbolic meaning. In the past, the choice of bouquet design conveyed certain messages to the guests, though today choices largely depend on the style of your event, as well as the wedding colors you select. The right bouquet can be a lovely addition to an event, but the wrong one can look out of place or feel awkward to carry. Give your choice of bouquets, particularly the bridal bouquet, real consideration before making any final decisions!

1. Large Or Awkward Bouquets Can Be Uncomfortable

You may feel that the bride should have a large and elaborate bouquet. As lovely as a big bouquet might be, you can saddle yourself with something that is awkward to hold. This is more than just a matter of inconvenience – in addition to feeling uncomfortable, a bigger or more elaborate bouquet may be more likely to break in the course of the ceremony!

2. Find The Right Dresses Before You Choose Your Bouquets

How will your know that a bouquet boasts the right look for your wedding? Before you choose what to carry, you should know what you intend to wear. Having a wedding dress picked out will make it easier for you to see how the bouquet might contribute to your overall look. If you choose the bouquet first, you may find that it looks less appealing when held against what you ultimately choose to wear. This is also important for bridesmaid bouquets, particularly when it comes to making sure the bouquet colors do well to complement the color of dress you choose for them.

3. Think About How Your Bridal Bouquet Should Stand Apart

Your bridesmaids will carry their own bouquets to the altar with them, but the one you carry will be distinct from theirs. What should you do to make sure that yours stands apart? You may choose to mix up the colors – this can be as simple as adding in white flowers in order to match your dress. While you can select one that is larger and more elaborate, remember to hold back and avoid going with something too large or awkward to easily carry.

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