3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Wedding Rehearsal Easier

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Your wedding rehearsal can have more value than you initially realize. Many couples who expect that everything will go smoothly can find themselves running through the steps of their ceremony multiple times to make sure everyone is on the same page. Fortunately, when you take this matter seriously, it can be a productive and beneficial final task before your wedding day. In addition to welcoming you to run through your rehearsal, Texas Old Town allows couples to host their rehearsal dinners at our venue. This eliminates the need to travel from the rehearsal to a new location for your meal, giving you more time to run through the ceremony. It also gives you a lovely setting for everyone to gather together before your special day!

1. Make Sure Everyone With A Role In The Ceremony Is Present

Make sure that everyone in your wedding party is on hand for the rehearsal. When multiple people are missing from this event, you will have multiple people who need to be given a rushed rundown of the procession on the day itself. Because the rehearsal is typically the night before the actual wedding, wedding party members from out of town should be able to attend without issue. While you want to ensure all of the adults with a role in your wedding are present, it can be especially important to have your flower girl and ring bearer on hand. Kids can require more guidance and encouragement to fulfill their roles, so their rehearsal experience can be crucial to their comfort and confidence at the ceremony.

2. Know The Order You Want Your Wedding Party In Before Your Rehearsal

You should make the most of your time at the rehearsal working with your wedding party members. If a portion of your evening is spent finalizing the order of your wedding party members, or pairing off bridesmaids and groomsmen, you have less time to do the actual rehearsing. Give yourself enough time in advance to decide on the order, reevaluate the list, and make changes if necessary so that you are not slowing down the practice runs of your ceremony.

3. Give Yourself More Time Than You Think You Will Need To Rehearse

With a small wedding party, no children in the procession, and plans for a laid-back ceremony, you may feel confident that your rehearsal will be a breeze. Even if this is the case, give yourself a margin for error. When you expect the unexpected, you can make adjustments or go through extra trial runs to smooth out potential concerns. If things run smoothly, you will have a little extra time to spend with your partner before the dinner, and before you both separate until the ceremony!

Rehearse And Enjoy Your Wedding At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town is happy to host couples, their wedding party, and family members for their rehearsal dinner! To find out more about our premiere Austin wedding venue, and the different amenities we offer, please call our Kyle, TX event space at 512.396.1800 or complete our online contact form!