Planning A Smaller, More Intimate Wedding Event

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A wedding is an important life event, but that does not mean it has to be a large one. Some couples will feel that a larger, more elaborate wedding event does not suit them. The right space can make an intimate, less formal gathering feel magical, and give you the necessary room to show everyone in attendance a great time. Texas Old Town offers wedding venues of different sizes, with smaller spaces available for those who stick to a shorter guest list. You can bring the closest people in your life together for a beautiful outdoor ceremony, then spend the night celebrating in a reception space that is roomy enough for everyone, but intimate enough to prevent the gathering from feeling empty.

Why Some Couples Choose To Keep Their Guest List Short

For some couples, a small wedding is simply a way to control costs. However, there are many people who choose to stick with a smaller and more select crowd for reasons unrelated to their budget. Some wish to keep the event small so they have more time to interact with those they are close to during the reception. Others can feel that a smaller turnout makes for a more romantic evening. You may also find that a shorter guest list makes it easier to host a more laid-back event, as it will be easier to keep your evening on track when there are fewer people to feed and seat.

Hosting A Reception With A Smaller Turnout

If your guest list is small, you may be able to do without a seating chart entirely. One reason seating charts are so often used is that they help put everyone in their place promptly, so the reception can begin without delay. If you have fewer people looking for seats, this can be unnecessary. It can also be easier to serve food when there are fewer plates to fill. Of course, this means your dance floor is less likely to be full, and that the party atmosphere can be harder to maintain as guests begin to filter out. A talented DJ or live band can help keep the music engaging and encourage more dancing, while announcements about different events can let people know what they might miss if they leave too soon.

A Smaller Wedding Still Requires Smart Planning

While a smaller wedding requires less effort, and typically less money, than a larger event, you still need to make the most of your engagement period. Remember that some tasks, like the purchase and modification of your wedding gown, will take the same amount of time for a small wedding as a large one. You can also anticipate the same demand for different vendors who can serve your event.

You Can Enjoy A Smaller, More Intimate Wedding At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town is prepared to accommodate events of different size, which means we can help you make the most of a plan to host a smaller and more intimate wedding event. To find out more, you can fill out our online contact form or call 512.396.1800!