Planning A Wedding That Allows Parents To Bring Their Kids

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Not everyone opens their wedding up to guests of all ages, preferring instead to host an adults-only celebration. While this decision has its advantages, others can find that the day feels incomplete when only adults are included. Allowing guests to bring their kids means that you can see younger family members on hand, and it makes it easier for you to have a ring bearer and flower girl in your procession. With that said, you may want to adjust your wedding planning accordingly if you are going to have kids in attendance. One thing to remember is that even your youngest guests can affect your plans, which is why they should be included in your count of those who will attend your event.

Should Kids Be Included In Our Guest Count?

While you can leave infants out of your final count, make sure children are included in your tally of who to expect. While they take up less space, their numbers will affect how many seats you need, as well as how much food you should plan to serve. In other words, you will want to know exactly how many people to prepare for when your special day arrives, as it can be as difficult to accommodate extra kids as it is to make space for extra adults!

Make Sure Guests Know To Include Kids In Their RSVP

If you want to have an accurate count of who will be in attendance at your wedding, make sure it is clear that guests who want to bring children need to RSVP for everyone. Asking them to clarify can be important, as some guests may decide that an older child should attend but determine that one who is younger might be better off with a sitter. While you can address the wedding invitations to the family name instead of naming everyone individually, be clear in the RSVP request that people should mark all attendees when they respond.

Should You Set Up A Designated Kids’ Area For Your Reception?

As you work out the seating chart for your wedding reception, consider creating a table just for the kids to enjoy. While this space will not officially seat guests, it can hold coloring books, toys, and other items that keep children occupied. This is not a mandatory feature for your event, but it can be one that parents in attendance appreciate. To further help the kids stay entertained, you may want to pay an older teen in your family to watch over the table.

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