Serving Groom’s Cake And Other Fun Desserts At A Reception

wedding cake and groom's cake

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Dessert often marks a sweet end to an evening. During your wedding reception, the arrival of the cake is one of the last formal events you will enjoy. While the classic tiered wedding cake is one of the most memorable and recognizable images at a wedding, it is just one of several desserts you can serve during your event. Many couples have chosen to add a groom’s cake to their dessert table. While it may not reach the heights of the actual wedding cake, a groom’s cake can stand out for its creative design, which tends to reflect the interests of the groom. It can also provide a flavor alternative for those less excited by your cake choice. You can also create a dessert table with an assortment of different treats, which provides guests with an array of choices for their post-dinner indulgence.

Serving A Groom’s Cake At Your Wedding

As the groom’s cake has grown in popularity, many couples have come to rely on it as a dessert alternative for guests who may not like their primary cake flavor. While you should try to make sure that all of your guests effectively have their choice of what cake they want, this can help you cover all of your dessert needs for a larger guest turnout. Groom’s cakes tend to be less formal than the tiered cake, and their design can incorporate one – or several – of the groom’s interest. Of course, you approach selecting and incorporating this second cake into your reception is up to you.

Offer An Assortment Of Treats At Your Dessert Table!

If you and your partner love dessert, or if you want the kids to have something to look forward to at an all-ages wedding, consider laying out an assortment of treats on a dessert table! Along with your cake or cakes, you can serve pastries, chocolates, cookies, brownies, or doughnuts. One thing to note is that you should not use this as a way to reduce your cake size – people should still reasonably expect a slice at the end of the night.

Consider Serving Coffee With Dessert At The End Of Your Night

As your reception winds down, guests can begin to feel sluggish. By serving coffee with your dessert, you offer up a nice flavor pairing and an energy boost before sending everyone home. Coffee can be particularly welcome at a winter wedding, as the beverage can prepare people to return to the cold as they leave the venue.

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