Should The Date Of Your Wedding Affect Your Event Plans?

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

How should a couple decide on the right date for their wedding? For some, the top priority will be choosing a date that gives them ample time to plan and prepare. Others may have a certain date they find meaningful, which can be more important than the length of their engagement period. Of course, there are also couples who look to select a date in a particular season because it feels right for the look and feel of their ideal wedding experience. Even if you are not someone who draws inspiration from the season of your wedding, you should think about how it might impact the choices you do make.

Is Your Wedding Date In Or Out Of The Traditional Wedding Season?

While a “traditional” wedding season tends to be in and around summertime, couples essentially have the full year to work with when they look for an event date. While summer weddings are still popular, people are discovering the benefits to working outside of this portion of the calendar. Selecting a winter wedding or fall wedding, for instance, can ensure you have a different look for your outdoor ceremony. It can also inspire color choices that might seem like an odd fit during a sunnier period of the year.

Choosing Colors That Suit The Time Of Year

While bright and sunny colors can feel perfect for an outdoor wedding in the summer, you can find that darker and cooler tones suit chillier moments in the year. Because cool and muted colors work well in winter, this season can be ideal for a more formal wedding event. However, you do not have to stick with hues that feel seasonally impressive. Choosing colors that provide contrast can also work, and help inspire a more exciting and different look for your event.

The Weather Can Affect The Appetites Of Your Guests

The look of your wedding is not the only thing that can be affected by the season. As temperatures rise and fall, guests’ interests in different meal options can change. While heavy, hearty meals can feel ideal for a winter celebration, it can feel less appropriate during the summer. If your plan is to host an event while it is warmer out, you can be better served by lighter fare. Of course, your drink options for the reception can also provide more warmth or refreshment to suit guests’ tastes.

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