Tips For Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Wedding Altar

Professional Photo By: Okushi Photography

One distinct advantage to hosting your wedding ceremony outdoors is that you have a beautiful landscape surrounding your event, and your guests. This can provide a stunning visual for your event while demanding minimal decorations. With that said, there are reasons to include some of your own decorative touches for your outdoor ceremony, particularly at your altar space. With your decorations, you help set the theme of your event. You also have the opportunity to introduce your wedding colors to your celebration. After taking a look at the venue space you choose, you can develop a sense for what decorative touches might be right for your event, and for how you can personalize your event while still making use of your lovely setting!

Make The Most Of Your Natural Surroundings

By hosting a wedding outdoors, you are able to work with gorgeous natural features as you figure out the look of your ceremony. With an altar backed by a beautiful Texas Hill Country landscape, you can find that only a few decorative additions are needed for your event. One thing to think about is how certain pieces might complement your space without taking away from your view. A smartly placed floral arrangement allows you to introduce your preferred colors while still sticking to a natural theme.

Create A Visual Frame For You And Your Partner

Many people look for decorations at the altar that frame the happy couple during their vow recitation. This can add to the quality of the pictures taken by your wedding photographer, and help keep attention on you once you are both ready to make your union official. If you want to change up this look, consider using a rounded frame instead of a more conventional rectangular shape.

Make Sure Your Wedding Party Has Room To Move And Stand

Decorations at the altar help create a beautiful backdrop, but they can also pose a tripping hazard for the wedding party if they are in the wrong places! If you have larger decorations, or if people will have to walk past them, make sure they leave enough room for everyone to move freely. If you have a larger wedding party, you may want to limit the size of your decorations to give everyone as much room as possible to stand.

Say “I Do” During A Beautiful Outdoor Wedding At Texas Old Town!

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