Tips For Providing Drinks At Your Wedding Reception

wedding reception, drinks in hand

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

While a successful wedding reception calls for more than just refreshments, the bar service you provide can help to sustain a festive atmosphere. Texas Old Town has a preferred vendor for couples who plan to offer bar service at their event. While knowing who to contact can make event planning easier, there are still several matters you will have to address on your own. Beyond selecting what to serve, you will have to make sure you have a reliable way of transporting beverages, and also have a plan in place for removing any beverages left unopened or unfinished. In addition to providing drinks at the bar, you should also make plans to offer non-alcoholic beverage options for guests.

Make Sure Your Bar Is Properly Staffed

Many of your guests may prefer to go without a drink during your event. However, even if you feel that only a portion of your guest list will visit the bar, you should take care to have enough staff to support everyone. Your bar service vendors can offer recommendations for how many staff might be needed for your event size. This is important for small weddings and weddings with large turnouts alike. While having too few people on hand can make service slow, staffing too many people can lead to unnecessary expenses.

Offering A Variety Of Drink Choices For Guests

While you do not need to worry about stocking every beverage or brand that guests might request, you should try to offer some variety in the drinks you provide. Having a selection to choose from can ensure people find something they truly want, which can keep their spirits up. With that said, be careful about having too much variety, as a longer list of choices can result in slower service.

What Kind Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Should You Provide?

For a summer wedding, you can expect guests to crave water after the ceremony. While water and soft drinks are common offerings, you may want to think about non-alcoholic drinks that can be appreciated later in the evening. Serving coffee or cocoa with dessert, or at the end of the night, can be a welcome gesture, and it can help people feel refreshed before leaving your event.

You And Your Guests Can Have A Wonderful Time At A Texas Old Town Wedding!

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