Tips For Setting Up A Wedding Welcome Table And Gift Table

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While many of your decorative touches help you establish the theme of your wedding, and generally create a lovely setting for your celebration, some will have more practical purposes. The wedding gift table and wedding welcome table can both address the needs of your guests – your gift table gives everyone space to leave items purchased from your registry, while the welcome table provides useful information upon arrival. While there is utility in both tables, you are encouraged to add special decorative touches to them that make them feel appropriate at your event. In addition to floral arrangements and other conventional items, you can personalize these spaces with photos and other meaningful items.

Your Tables Can Beautify Your Space And Assist Your Guests

Your welcome table lets guests know that they have arrived, gives them easy access to the guest book, and can hold small favors you want them to take. Your gift table should be easy to recognize so that guests can quickly drop by and leave a present or card they have brought. Because they both have functional roles, you should be careful about adding too much decoration to them. With that said, you are encouraged to do some decorating in order to make these spaces feel appropriate at your wedding.

What To Include At Your Wedding Welcome Table

The welcome table should have signage indicating that guests are at the right event, and to greet them on your behalf. You can also make space for the guest book and allow guests to enter their names as soon as they arrive. If you produce programs for your event, or offer up small favors as a thank-you for attendance, they can be left at the table. Many people choose to personalize the welcome table with photos of the couple. You can use pictures taken during your engagement photo shoot, or you can use other images that feel significant to you. A larger table can also include tributes to you and your partner’s family members, including those who have pissed whom you wish to honor.

Creating A Gift Table At The Reception

If you set up a wedding registry, you should make sure there is ample space for people to leave gifts. While you should offer plenty of room on the table itself, you can expect people to leave gifts near or under the table if there is a lack of space. Floral arrangements and signage are a good idea for this table – the signage helps guests, and floral arrangements can add color and style to make your gift table feel like a proper part of your event space.

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