Tips For Using Repurposed Items As Wedding Decorations

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Many couples are excited to showcase a DIY spirit when creating the look for their wedding. While this approach is often taken to create a rustic wedding theme, there are many ways to set your wedding apart when you work to create your own decorations. If you want your wedding to have a classic look, or if you want to give your event a touch of whimsy, repurposed items can serve you well. Taking mason jars, lanterns, antiques, and other items and using them to decorate your space can give your event a distinct look, one that stands apart from other weddings while being a showcase for your personality. While the opportunities afforded to couples taking a DIY decorating approach are attractive, be careful about what you commit to, as you may put more demands on your time than you anticipate!

Should You Attempt To Feature DIY Wedding Decorations At Your Event?

Even if you only make DIY decorations a part of your overall wedding look, they can help set your event apart. You can show off pieces that stand out, or pick up antiques to give your event a nostalgic quality. DIY decorations and repurposed items can often be included at rustic weddings. With that said, the right pieces, implemented properly, can be perfectly at home at a more formal or traditional wedding event.

Relying On Repurposed Items For Centerpieces And Other Decorations

Repurposed items are any items given new a new purpose and/or look, making them effective as decorative pieces. Antique pieces as well as humble, everyday items can become something lovely and charming with the right inspiration. Using repurposed pieces for your reception centerpieces can help you flex your artistic prowess with one of the most widely-seen decorations at your event. You can also come up with fun twists on functional items. Repurposed items can also hold floral arrangements, cards brought by guests, and other practical roles.

Be Careful Not To Overwork Yourself While Planning A DIY Wedding

In addition to being a fun creative exercise, you can incorporate DIY decorations in order to save money. However, the budget savings may be offset by the increased demand on your time, which can make your planning experience more difficult. Make sure you are comfortable with the skill levels required for the tasks you set for yourself, and give yourself plenty of time to complete them.

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