Using Flowers To Decorate An Outdoor Ceremony Space

flowers in ceremony decorations

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Outdoor wedding ceremonies can, and should, make the most of their natural surroundings. By hosting a celebration nestled in Texas Hill Country, you can enjoy the visual splendor of a lush landscape that offers beautiful backdrops throughout the year. One benefit to saying “I do” while outdoors is that you can cut back on your decorating for this portion of your wedding. This does not mean you should let nature do all the work of beautifying your event! Because you already have a natural setting, floral arrangements can be easy to incorporate into your ceremony area. In addition to helping you personalize your space, flowers create an organic opportunity to work your wedding colors into your event!

A Few Decorations Can Be All You Need For An Outdoor Ceremony

Your outdoor wedding event can work wonderfully in the spring or summer, and it can serve you well if you want to host a winter or fall wedding. Minimal decorations can have a bigger impact when you celebrate outside, because your event already boasts lovely scenery. With just a few additional touches, you can take care to frame your altar and aisle spaces, and make the area where your event takes place distinct from your surroundings. You can also use a few touches to help establish the theme of your event, and also to show off your event’s colors.

Using Flowers To Introduce Your Wedding Colors

Flowers provide an elegant and attractive means of injecting your own colors into your ceremony space. Arrangements can be placed behind you at the altar, they can be used as part of your aisle decorations, or they can be placed at the entrance to your ceremony to greet guests. While they do not have to have the exact same look, featuring the same colors in your arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres will help you make your wedding colors clear to everyone, though without overwhelming them.

Should We Feature Artificial Flowers In Our Decorations?

Artificial flowers are advantageous for a few reasons. They can be purchased at lower costs, and they are also easier to handle. If you are crafting DIY decorations, you can count on synthetic flowers to last longer than their organic alternative. With that said, it is difficult to pass artificial flowers off as real when guests have a closer look at them. With this in mind, you may want to limit them to larger pieces that stay further away. For example, you can use real flowers for decorations at your entrance to the ceremony, but make synthetic flowers part of a larger piece that you place at the altar.

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