What Impact Should Family Input Have On Your Wedding Plans?

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While the wedding day is technically all about the happy couple, the celebration also concerns the joining of two families. Throughout your wedding planning efforts, you may have input from close family members on what should take place during your event. You or your partner may be asked to carry on certain traditions, or there may be a list of guests that you are asked to include in your invitations. For many, the incorporation of family input is easy. However, there are times when the couple’s wishes do not match what their family expects. While these disagreements can be frustrating to encounter, the right early efforts can help you minimize conflict!

Parents Tend To Have Some Role In Wedding Planning

Typically, much or even all of the family input regarding a wedding can come from the couple’s parents. Traditionally, parents have a large role to play in financing the special occasion, which is why they are often given deference when it comes to what they want. With that said, this is a form of support many couples are going without – you may be paying most of the costs yourselves, or taking on all of the financial obligations. Even if they have a smaller role in financing the wedding, parents can feel they deserve some role in affecting wedding plans.

Handling Conflicts Over Certain Wedding Ideas

Conflicts that do come up during wedding planning are often easily solved. If your parents have a strong interest in something that does not concern you, it can be easy to let them have their way and move on. There are also many aspects of planning that likely will not concern them. Unfortunately, some couples do find that they have dramatically different ideas from their parents, something that can lead to stress and hurt feelings. If you feel that your parents are pushing back against something that is important to you, be ready to explain why something feels so meaningful. Sharing this can help them understand your position, and make the conflict feel like more than just a contest of wills.

Early Discussions With Family Members Can Help You Set Important Boundaries

If you expect to receive assistance from your parents, but worry that they might disagree with you on certain matters, discuss your concerns and wishes upfront. By doing so, you can go into planning with a better idea of what they might want, and you can also let them know what matters to you before the process is underway. Clearing these obstacles before the planning is underway (and money has been spent) can make them easier to work around.

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