What To Consider Before You Start Creating Your Guest List

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The process of drafting your guest list can create some uncomfortable questions. Unless you intend to celebrate your wedding with the largest guest turnout possible, there may be people you and your partner have to leave off your list. While deciding who should (or should not) be in attendance is difficult, there are other issues that should have your attention. You should be prepared to revisit the list and make revisions, as you may leave people out without intending to. You can also have requests from family members, particularly your parents, to invite people you may not have considered. Fortunately, the right planning and patience can make this experience less frustrating for you.

Make Sure Your Budget Can Cover Your Full Guest Count

While you can safely assume some of your invitees will decline to attend your event, be prepared to pay for a wedding where everyone arrives. If you have more people planning to attend than you anticipate, you can find yourself scrambling for a way to stretch your budget. Your budget is a ceiling, one that you should do everything you can to leave in place. With this in mind, it is a good idea to have a clear idea of what your budget is before you begin any discussions of who will attend.

Be Prepared To Revisit And Revise Your List After Creating It

After working your way through your guest list, check to make sure everyone you planned to invite is listed, and that your final tally matches the number of people you planned to invite. Even a small guest list can have enough names to make overlooking someone a possibility. Checking it after you complete it – then checking it again – can help you avoid embarrassment by leaving someone off.

Speak With Your Parents Before Deciding On Your Final List

While couples tend to take on more of their wedding costs today than they did in the past, people often rely on some help from their parents when paying for their event. If you and your partner are relying on parental support, you should be open to them asking that you invite people they are close to. Go out of your way to ask them about this before you complete your guest list. If you move forward without their comment, and they come with names to be added later, you can find yourself in an awkward situation!

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