Why Couples Choose To Sit At A Sweetheart Table

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

While a sweetheart table is not a part of every wedding, many couples decide it is the ideal option when it comes to placing themselves at the wedding reception. By setting yourselves apart from your other guests, you and your partner can avoid any questions about who joins you at your table, and you can create a unique seating space that adds to the loveliness of your reception area. Of course, it also gives the happy couple a private space where they can talk and take in the fun of officially being married! Because Texas Old Town has multiple venue options, you can decide on a space that gives you ample room for your sweetheart table, your guests, and a dance floor!

Your Sweetheart Table Can Make The Rest Of Your Seating Decisions Easier

Should you and your partner sit with both sets of parents, or should you have a table with your maid or matron of honor and best man, along with their dates? How many other people should you have at the table with the newlyweds? These questions can make planning your seating chart frustrating, and it can potentially lead to hurt feelings. With a sweetheart table, you remove the question of who joins the bride and groom while also giving yourselves a little extra elbow room!

You Can Make The Most Of Your Table With Special Decorations

Because your sweetheart table is already distinct from the rest of your seats, you can do a little more with it by adding decorations that further set it apart. The sweetheart table is often smaller than the others at your reception, as it only has to seat two, but you can still have more room for a larger or more elaborate centerpiece. Table runners or a separate color cloth can help further set it apart.

Your Sweetheart Table Gives You A Chance To Stay Close To Your Partner

Whether your wedding is a large or small affair, you will have plenty of people excited to congratulate you and wish you well throughout your reception. As nice as this can be, it can also be nice to have a quiet moment with your partner. Guests can (and likely will) feel free to meet you at your table and speak with you, but the privacy afforded by your two-seat table can help you share a little bit of privacy on a hectic day.

Host And Enjoy A Wonderful Wedding Event At Texas Old Town!

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