3 Ways To Improve Your Wedding Reception Experience

Professional Photo By: Matt Montalvo Photography

Your wedding reception will allow you to directly interact with the many guests on hand to celebrate your union with your partner. This portion of your special day can be less structured than the ceremony, but there are still many traditions that you can include in your event. Of course, you may worry that by sticking too closely to tradition, you lose the ability to make your reception stand out. As you plan out your event, there are choices you can make that will set your reception apart and deliver a truly exciting evening for your guests. These choices can fit in well with a more laid-back wedding event, but they can also feel appropriate for a more formal gathering.

1. Make The Most Of Your First Dance

The first dance you share with your partner can be a simple affair, or you can show off some more sophisticated moves to catch your guests off guard. Even at a formal wedding event, a few flashy moves can feel appropriate while still surprising people. If you want to have a less formal or more playful reception, you can move away from the conventional slow dance and do something truly unexpected with this moment.

2. Find The Right DJ Or Band For Your Music

Hiring professionals to play music at your wedding can do more for your reception than you might expect. The right person (or people) can read the room and respond to changes in energy. For instance, if the dance floor activity is starting to wane, the right song choice can lure people back. While you can choose to hire a DJ for your event, or pick up a live band to perform for you, remember that both offer a responsiveness that a pre-set collection of songs from your phone do not. A live person can also serve as an emcee at important moments, helping you keep everyone’s attention when you need to make announcements.

3. Provide Options For Guests When Serving Dessert

While the wedding cake has an iconic appearance, you may have some guests who are less excited for this dessert. Varying up what you put on your dessert table can ensure that everyone finds something that they crave when your night winds down. You can offer up a second cake flavor by providing a groom’s cake, or you can put out an assortment of pastries and other items to let people sample a variety of different treats.

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