Avoid These Mistakes When Crafting Wedding Invitations

Professional Photo By: Brio Weddings

When the time is right, you can officially let your desired guests know that there is a place for them at your wedding celebration. Your invitations can provide more than just event details (though those details are certainly important). With them, you set expectations for what the evening will be like, as they are an early marker of the formality of your evening. You do not have to share every detail when you send your invitations – in fact, some matters are better left to a wedding website. However, you should provide the basic details, and be as clear as possible with the information that you share. If you feel overwhelmed by the task of sending invitations, or any other aspect of wedding planning, we can make your engagement period easier with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package!

Make Sure Your Invitations Are As Clear As Possible

While you have considerable freedom in choosing the design of your invitations, be sure to select a font that is as clear and easy to read as possible. It should be difficult for anyone to miss the details of where the wedding is taking place, and at what time. Overly stylized fonts can cause confusion, as certain letters or numbers could look misleading. You should also be careful about adding too much information. A cluttered invitation can be confusing, but it can also be less attractive.

Be Specific About Who You Invite

If you are comfortable with guests bringing their families to your invitation, you can say so in your invitations, or simply invite entire households to your celebration. If you are choosing to host a child-free wedding, or if you need to limit plus-ones, take care in how you phrase these requests. When you only address an invitation to a couple and not their kids, refer to their names rather than using any terminology that could apply to the entire family. You can clarify that your event is adults-only on your wedding website.

Make Sure The Invitations Set The Tone For Your Event

Because they can offer convenience and cost savings, couples sometimes choose to send out their invitations electronically. The advantages of this can be tempting, but this approach can be less appropriate if you hope to host a more formal event. People take clues from the invitations about what to expect from a wedding. If you want people to see yours as a more formal affair, traditional, physical invitations can help convey that message more effectively.

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