Choosing A Wedding Day Look That Truly Suits Your Groom

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While there can be less pressure on the groom to find the right attire for the wedding day, their style choices help set the tone of your wedding. While a groom’s clothing choices should feel like a good match for their partner, finding the right outfit is about more than just keeping everyone’s style consistent. There are practical matters that you should consider when looking for the groom’s attire. For an outdoor wedding in particular, it can be important to wear something seasonally appropriate. You also want to make sure they are formal enough for the event you had in mind. You should also think about the choice on a more personal level, as the right attire for the groom can feel like an extension of who they are.

Find Attire That Fits The Formality Of Your Event

When you make choices regarding the theme of your wedding, and how formal the event should be, you set a boundary on what the groom should wear. As one of the two most important people at your event, the groom’s outfit should be in line with the formality of your wedding. In other words, a look that lacks neck wear or a jacket can feel out of place at a more elegant or traditional wedding, while a tuxedo might seem like an odd fit at a relaxed, rustic affair.

Dressing Your Groom For A Warmer Wedding Day

Traditional style choices for grooms can include jackets and vests, which give some protection against colder weather. If your event takes place at a warmer part of the year, you may worry that an overly formal style will leave your groom too warm for their own good! If you want to host a more sophisticated outdoor wedding in the late spring or summer, you can find that lighter fabrics or lighter colors help a groom fit in without feeling overheated.

Creating A Unified Look Between The Groom And Groomsmen

The groom and groomsmen standing at the altar during the ceremony can be united by more than just their boutonnieres, as they should boast similar looks when they dress for the wedding. A different color for the groom’s tie or jacket can be enough to distinguish them from everyone else. If everyone is wearing a more casual style, consider changing up their shirt or vest color to set them apart.

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