Common Questions That Couples Have About The Reception Meal

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

What kind of plans should you make for your wedding reception? The reception and ceremony should share a theme, and exhibit the same degree of formality. In other words, the plans you make for your ceremony should influence the details of the reception, including what you plan to serve for your meal. This helps establish whether you should host a formal dining experience, or provide something more laid-back. Of course, even with these guidelines set, you can have many questions about what food to serve, whether it should be plated or served in a buffet, and how you should feed your youngest guests. Because our different venue options include ample indoor areas for receptions, you can make the most of a lovely, accommodating space to host the latter half of your wedding event!

How Should We Serve The Food?

One important question to ask yourself is how you wish to serve your food. There are different advantages to plating, as well as to offering up a buffet for guests. If you plan to offer different meal options, a buffet removes the need to ask guests for their preferences in their RSVPs. Buffets can also be more convenient for smaller weddings. Serving plated meals will make it easier to control the portions of food you need to purchase, but you can face more costs to hire servers to distribute food. A larger wedding can run more smoothly when people bring food to your guests, rather than coordinating the movement of different tables to and from the buffet area.

Should We Include Meal Options For Younger Guests?

If you plan to welcome kids to your wedding, you may worry that they will be less than thrilled with your preferred meal options. This can be particularly worrying if you plan to host a more formal dining experience. You can talk with your catering company about their kid-friendly meal options. If you host a buffet dinner, kids will have the freedom to seek out items that they re more comfortable with as they have their plates prepared.

Can I Look Outside The Conventional Catering Options?

Are you interested in doing something different for your reception meal? While you can find a skilled caterer in our list of recommended vendors, you may find that a favorite restaurant is able to cater your dinner. This can be particularly exciting if you have a restaurant in the area that you and your partner love, or if you want to feature food from the establishment where you had your first date.

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