Do We Need To Stick With A Traditional Wedding Guest Book?

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When you put out a wedding guest book, you can come away from your event with a record of everyone on hand to help you celebrate your union with your partner. Many people stick with a traditional book, which asks that guests put their names and signatures. This can be put out on its own, or you can include an additional request for people to share messages for the loving couple on their wedding day. Are you obligated to put out a guest book? If so, does it need to fit into traditional ideas about what the book should look like and include? Those who want to enjoy a nontraditional event may find that they prefer to ask guests to record their presence in a way that surprises and delights them.

What You Gain From Putting Out A Wedding Guest Book

A wedding guest book in any form will give you some record of who was at your wedding. Even if they share nothing beyond their names, guests will have their support preserved so that you can keep track of who came out to support your marriage. Many people want this to help them remember details from the day. It also provides a lovely memento, along with photographs taken during the wedding day, that you can enjoy preserving.

Nontraditional Guest Book Ideas To Consider

You may be eager to take signatures from guests, but less thrilled with the idea of the familiar guest book. In this situation, what can you do? Some people ask for visual records instead of signatures. By putting out a camera that takes instant photos, your guests can leave selfies for you to retain and treasure. You can also ask people to contribute their signatures and well-wishes to a creative project. If your wedding has a particular theme, you can make sure your book matches the aesthetic closely. For example, if you plan to host a rustic wedding, a book can be made to look like an antique, giving it a charm and visual significance that suits the occasion.

Making Sure Your Guests Sign Your Book

If you want to make sure that guests sign your book, make sure it is somewhere that is easy to find. Guest books are frequently put out in spaces where guests first arrive, or near the entrance of your reception area. Putting it up front ensures that guests sign it right away and do not forget to contribute. You can have an usher move the book from the entrance to your reception area to make sure people who missed it at the beginning of the evening see it and know to sign.

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