Finding Time To Plan Your Wedding And Honeymoon

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

How hard will it be to plan a wedding? Some people are naturally comfortable setting deadlines and tasks for themselves, while others can struggle to keep up with the demands of arranging an event. With that said, adding event planning to your current daily demands can be difficult even if you are fantastic at staying efficient and organized, particularly when you also have to make time to plan your honeymoon. There are actions you can take to ease the burden of planning. If you feel pressed to find time to plan the honeymoon, you can consider delaying it to give yourself more time. You can also make wedding planning considerably easier by taking advantage of our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which lets you pass the work of arranging details onto our venue.

When Should We Start Working On Honeymoon Plans?

Give yourself approximately six to eight months from your desired travel date to plan your honeymoon. If you intend to leave for your honeymoon right after you say “I do,” this means you will add honeymoon planning to your schedule when you still have six to eight months of wedding planning left. One thing you can do is prepare for this by taking on important planning tasks early. You can also extend your time to plan if you take your honeymoon at a later date. Many couples choose not to leave right after they wed. This can be for the sake of planning, but it can also be a good solution if your desired destination is more attractive in a different season than your wedding day.

Can I Ask Guests For Honeymoon Help Instead Of Traditional Gifts?

Honeymoon planning can be challenging for the demand it places on your time, but it can also be difficult because it is a large expense following shortly after the expense of planning a wedding. Couples who are less interested in traditional gift registries sometimes create registries that are meant to support their honeymoon. If you do not need physical items, you can also consider setting up a Honeyfund in ieu of traditional gifts.

Worried You Have Too Many Tasks To Manage? Ask About Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package

Reducing the stress of wedding planning can certainly make it easier to plan your honeymoon. With our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, you can actually pass the work of making event arrangements onto our venue. You will still be able to specify what you want for your event, which means the wedding feels like the one you wanted. However, once you explain your preferences, we take the information and put work into making that event happen for you!

Plan A Wonderful Wedding Event At Texas Old Town!

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