Honoring Parents’ Roles In The Wedding Celebration

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The parents of the bride and groom are often featured throughout a wedding celebration. They can also be involved in the planning process, as well as many of the pre-wedding events that take place. Whether you intend to host a traditional event, or want to do something different with your wedding, you can find space to honor your parents, and your partner’s parents, in both the ceremony and reception. Beyond including them in your wedding procession, you can have several moments during your reception where your parents are featured. These moments act as more than just a way to thank them for their support. By prominently including both family groups, you celebrate the official union of these groups through your joining your partner in marriage.

Parents Can Be Heavily Involved In Wedding Planning

Traditionally, parents of the bride were expected to cover the costs of planning the wedding event. This may not be the case with your wedding – many couples now receive help from both families, or cover many or all of the expenses themselves. No matter how involved they are with paying for different activities, your parents can find themselves with roles to play in helping plan your special day. Their support can extend to help with the search for the bridal gown, or to plan pre-wedding activities like the bridal shower.

Honoring Parents During The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony tends to be all about the happy couple. The wedding party and close family members will make appearances, typically as part of the procession. Tradition will see the groom’s parents arrive first, followed by the bride’s mother. The father of the bride often holds onto the responsibility of giving away the bride. There are a number of ways you can change this up. Some couples choose to have each set of parents arrive in their own part of the procession, and go without any escorts for the people being married. Some brides add to their procession by having both parents walk them down the aisle.

How Parents Fit In With Traditional Reception Activities

There are several points where your parents, and your partner’s parents, can play an active role in reception activities. Both fathers often speak during the wedding toasts, and before the dance floor opens you and your partner can each share a dance with your parent. If you prefer, you can make time for both sets of parents to speak during the toast to give everyone time to say something.

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