Making The Most Of Your Cake Cutting Ceremony

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

Your wedding reception will be more relaxed than the ceremony, and it will give you ample time to socialize and have fun with guests. With that said, there will still be certain traditional moments that you take part of in the course of this event. The cake cutting ceremony is a popular moment during the reception, as it both creates a lovely opportunity for fun images, and it announces to everyone that dessert is soon to be served. While this event has changed in some ways over the years, this is still a classic event that couples can love taking part in. Since your cake will have all eyes on it during your special day, you should put thought into how you want it to look, and what decorations you can top it with.

The Cake Cutting Is A Popular Part Of The Wedding Reception

The cake cutting is more than just a way to let guests know that dessert is about to be provided. The pictures taken by your photographer of your cake cutting ceremony can capture you and your partner in a relaxed, joyful moment. You can choose to make this a loving, tender moment, or you can choose to have more fun with this part of your event. While you can skip certain aspects of the cake cutting, like the smashing of cake into each other’s faces, the cutting itself should be a smooth experience. To help with this, you can ask the bakery providing your cake for guidance on where the cut should be made so that the tiers do not fall.

Announcing And Enjoying The Cake Cutting Event

Because the cake cutting tends to take place after the reception is underway, many guests will be preoccupied at the dance floor or securing a beverages at the bar when you are ready to start serving dessert. Have a clear announcement made – if you have a DJ or live band playing music, they can act as your emcee and call for everyone to look to the dessert table. Once all eyes are on you, give yourselves a little time for your photographer to position themselves for plenty of great shots. You can then take your own small piece then enjoy a ceremonial first bite before the work of cutting slices for everyone begins.

Where Your Cake Cutting Fits Into Your Reception Plans

The cake cutting event is one of the last that will take place during the wedding. This moment lets everyone know that dessert is on its way, and that the reception may be winding down. However, while this may be among the last ceremonial activities you plan for the reception, it does not mean that the evening has to end. Your guests can return to the dance floor and end the night on a lively note after dessert is served!

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