Should We Extend Plus-Ones To All Of Our Single Guests?

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

While guests in committed relationships can expect to receive joint invitations to a wedding, single guests are not always given the option of bringing dates. You and your partner have the freedom to extend plus-ones to all of your guests who are unattached, or you can choose to limit the option to bring dates to established couples. Your first instinct may be to simply let anyone bring a date if they choose to, this decision can lead to a strain on your budget. In order to control your final guest count, you may need to be more selective when it comes to deciding whether to extend plus-ones.

The Importance Of Sticking To Your Chosen Guest Count

No matter what you choose regarding guests bringing dates, or guests being allowed to bring their kids to your wedding, you should aim to stay at or below your chosen guest count. When the number of guests rises above this number, it can complicate your seating, negatively affect your budget, and may even affect your ability to provide refreshments for everyone. This is why some advance consideration is important when giving out plus-ones, and why you should ask people to be as clear as possible about their plans when they RSVP.

Deciding Who Should (Or Should Not) Be Allowed To Bring A Date

If someone is married or in a serious relationship you are aware of, you should extend your invitation to them and their partner. This is true even if you are only close to one of them. When guests are completely unattached, they may prefer to attend alone even if you allow them to take plus-ones. As you work out your invitations, one problem you can run into is deciding whose relationship is serious enough for the invitation to extend to both of them. If your concern is hurting someone’s feelings, giving them the option to bring a date is the safer choice. If you need to limit your final guest count, make sure people understand your criteria for extending plus-ones, and apply that criteria to everyone.

Make Sure People Let You Know About Their Plus-Ones As Soon As Possible

No matter what you decide when it comes to your invitations, you should make it easy for everyone to know what you need from them when they RSVP. Make sure your invitations are clear on what you need from people who intend to bring a plus-one. While it may seem obvious to you, a guest may disregard the importance of giving you the most accurate headcount possible and either ignore the request for information, or change their mind about not bringing someone after saying they would attend alone.

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