Should We Take First Look Photos Before Our Ceremony?

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The hours before your wedding ceremony can be packed. Texas Old Town can make preparations easier by providing suites for you and your partner, along with your wedding party members. This lets everyone prepare for the wedding on site, which means they are around to help with any preparatory tasks. It also means you and your partner are dressing in the same location, and can more easily slip away before the ceremony begins to take first look photos. First look photo sessions ensure that you and your partner’s reactions upon seeing each other for the first time are captured. They also allow you to take your couple photos before the wedding reception, which can help shorten the time needed for the rest of your family pictures.

What First Look Photos Provide For Couples

The moment when you and your partner see each other before your ceremony can be touching, particularly when you have not seen what your partner intends to wear. Many people want to preserve this moment, which is why they decide to take first look photos. Because your photographer has more control and greater freedom to move than they will at the ceremony, they can make sure they capture ideal images of the two of you together. These pictures can be among the loveliest and most meaningful, and are likely images that you will want to frame and share in your home.

Make Sure You Have Time For Plenty Of Pictures Before Your Ceremony

One drawback to scheduling first look photos is that it can shorten the time you and your partner have to dress. We offer sixteen hours of venue access on your wedding day, so this can be an easy problem for you to address. Even so, make sure that your schedule accommodates the extra time you will need to step out with your partner and have pictures taken. You can make this process faster by having a preferred spot picked out for your first look photos.

Other Important Photos To Capture During Your Wedding Day

Even if you take first look photos, you will want to set aside some time to have pictures taken with family members and wedding party members. It is common for a small break to occur between the ceremony and reception where these images are captured. Your photographer can help you corral all of the people needed for these pictures, and set up the different groupings so that the right shots are captured. To keep other guests occupied, you can arrange an informal cocktail hour to provide them snacks and refreshments before the reception.

Texas Old Town Provides Great Amenities And Picturesque Settings For Weddings

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