Should You Host A Cocktail Hour Before Your Reception?

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

While a wedding event is typically split between the ceremony and the reception, couples often plan an informal cocktail hour to occur between them. With this event, the newlyweds, family members, and wedding party members can take their time having group pictures taken while the other guests enjoy refreshments while they wait. You do not need to formalize this event, as guests tend to realize that some time is needed to prepare for the reception. However, if you choose to do so, you can offer up something more elaborate to make the most of this time. In addition to drinks, you can have small snacks passed around to keep everyone’s appetites curbed until dinner is served.

How Does A Cocktail Hour Fit Into Wedding Plans?

While you can mention the cocktail hour in your wedding programs (if you produce them), this event is not a significant part of the evening. The happy couple will not even be present for it, as their return to the party is considered the official start of the wedding reception. Still, this can be important to your overall plans. You can feel less guilty about taking more time for your group photos, and you can make sure that guests have eaten something in case your dinner is being served later in the evening.

What Should You Offer During Your Cocktail Hour?

Because the cocktail hour occurs shortly before dinner, you should keep the food options light. Passing around appetizers will sate guests before the main course without completely filling them up. To make serving easier, you can offer a limited selection from your bar for refreshments. Passing around a select few items can ensure people have drinks without creating a line at the bar.

You Can Shorten The Time Between Your Ceremony And Reception With First Look Photos

If you want to keep the time between your ceremony and reception short, make time before your wedding to take your first look photos. These photos are typically used to capture the moment a bride’s gown is revealed, but they also take care of the pictures you and your partner take earlier in the day. By doing this, you remove the need to take pictures together during your cocktail hour and can move on to posing with family members and wedding party members.

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