Things To Think About When Selecting Your Wedding Officiant

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While traditional wedding arrangements still tend to include officiants hired to lead the ceremony, many couples have asked close friends or family members to act in this role. This creates a new honorary title for someone you feel close to, and it means that someone with a personal connection to your and your partner will be able to speak to your relationship. Of course, with a hired officiant, you have someone who you can assume is comfortable in their role. They can be more prepared to speak at length during your event, and require less preparation during your wedding rehearsal.

Should You Hire Someone To Officiate, Or Ask A Friend?

The first question you face when deciding on an officiant is whether you want someone you know, or if you prefer to choose someone with experience in this role. In some cases, an officiant can be both. If you and your partner regularly attend a religious institution, someone at your institution may be able to act in a professional capacity, and as a friend. For others, the choice can hinge more on whether they want someone who can convey a professional air during the ceremony, or someone who can talk about your relationship in a familiar, informed way.

Make Sure The Person You Choose Is Comfortable With The Tone Of Your Wedding

The formality of your wedding can affect who fits best in the officiant role. Couples who want to host something that is laid-back, fun, or otherwise less formal might prefer an officiant who can give the ceremony a sense of levity. Others may want to emphasize the elegance of the event and its importance in your life by choosing someone who has more of an authoritative presence. Of course, if you are personally connected to someone who can provide a more formal atmosphere, your wedding plans do not have to automatically exclude you from picking someone you know over a professional.

Make Sure Your Officiant Has Time To Meet And Rehearse With You

An officiant you choose should be available to run through your ceremony during the rehearsal. If you want to make sure this person speaks about your relationship, you may also want them to take time and talk with both of you about what makes your relationship meaningful. While a mutual friend may not need time to interview both of you, it can be a good idea to talk with them about what your overall plans for the tone of your event, and how they can help you maintain it.

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